Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My tipical weekend.
Friday is on very happy, because I don't have to walk to school the next day. I usually go to the cinema or go shopping with friends. Letter we go to my house and watch films. Then we talk about the past week.
On Saturday I do my homework and learn for the tests. In the evening I watch "got talent". On Sunday we have family time. We watch TV, go to the church,eat dinner together and have lots of film. I take a shower and for one hour read a book. When it really late I pack my bag and go to bed.
This is my tipical weekend.

Dostałabym za to 5 tylko, że pani mi napoprawiała mnóstwo błędów (oczywiście Tobie przepisałam z zeszytu już po sprawdzeniu przez dobrego nauczyciela). Aa swoją drogą to ja kiedyś też dodałam na zadane.pl żeby ktoś mi opisał swój weekend. :) Pozdro :*
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There is no school at the weekend, so I can do a lot of thing. I get up late and I sit long in the bath. Then I eat breakfast and talk with my mom. If I want to, I play computer, but if I don't, I go outside. I meet my friends and talk with them about many not important things. We also go for a went together. When I go back to my house, I watch TV. I talk to my parents as well. When I get tired I go to the bathroom. I take a shower and go to bed.
In the weeken I relaxing.On Saturday I late get up.Them have a breakfast.I eat egg and glass of milk on the breakfast.After I tidy my room and listen to music.Later go to my friend and talk about all weeek.In twelve o clock we are going to the cinema and eat lunch on the town.Them go to shoppin.At the afternoon read a book and evening I watch a Tv and go to sleep.On sUNDAY i get up early because I go to church them I eat superr .I eat chicken and potatoes.After go to my granfather and grandmother.