Dear XXX date(wpisz sobie jakaś)

How do you do? I am in the England now , and I work here. I hate this country.
I dont like U.K becouse atmosfere is here not good.Everyone thinks only about himself.I hate it.Food is disgusting , I can't waitng when i come back and eat something normal ,the best will be when my mother makes for me some meal.
I hope , that when I will come back to Poland , we go together for coffe ;)
See you son
Dear Adam

How are you doing? Hope better than me. As you may noticed i am in Great Britain, because my aunt invited me to come here on winter holiday.
To be honest I don't really like it. I hate english meals, houses, museums. My aunt speaks english perfectly, but I can't communicate with anybody. I really miss my friends and polish food like pierogi - here in London i have to eat fast foods which are awful.
I hope that we will se each other as soon as possible. I have to go, because my auntie wants me to order a pizza. Write to me soon