Ma ktoś książkę do angielskiego dla I gim.Connections 2. Student`s book??????????????
Jesli tak to zadanie 8 i 10 na stronie 17:))

Comple these key phrases and match them to the items .
-describes her day,
-finishes the letter,
-says how old she is,
-says wh her best friend is,
-introduces herself,
-says what she likes doing,
-says where she comes from.

1.i`m really__________ tomeeting you and the animals!
2. i ________________ londom.
3. ____________ my mum sometimes ___________ me breakfast in bed!
4.___________ best friend ______ Sally.
5. _______seventeen years_________.
6.I______________ SHOPING. i ______________shoping every day.
7. ___________________ Lucy Cole



1 - describes her day,
7 - finishes the letter,
5 - says how old she is,
4 - says wh her best friend is,
3 - introduces herself,
6 - says what she likes doing,
2 - says where she comes from.

Więcej nie pomoge, no chyba, że w tym na dole mogę uzupełnić czym chce