Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Present simple
The school year in England starts in September.
Children don't wear jeans or T-shirts for school.
What subjects do schoolchildren learn?
Children in Britain start school at the age of five.
They take GCSE when they are eleven.
2.Present continous
The boy is wearing trousers.
They are working in groups.
The children in the photo aren't wearing uniforms.
The schoolchildren in photo C are working in pairs.
P. Continous
1. I'm sitting now.
2. They're talking about school.
3. We're going to library.
4. You are drawing the doll now.
5. He is hidding behind the tree.
6. I'm looking for Jim.
7. It's raining now.
8. I'm calling to Jenny.
9. They're dancing at disco.
10. I'm listening music.
P. Simple
1. Look at the picture.
2. Open the window.
3. She writes the poem.
4. I get up at eight o'clock.
5. He still sleeps.
6. I've got nine cats.
7. My sister swims every Saturday.
8. He sits on a chair.
9. She works in cinema.
10. He goes to bed at nine o'clock.