Historically men were the hunters and women the homemakers. It should stay like that.

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Once the man worked, raised the wind, the eating.When they had the farm he tended it, worked afield, heavily worked. The woman was however from homeworks. She washed, cooked, cleared and minded the house, children the family. Man demanded from her loves, and also the order and the order. Nowadays, this part would not turn over however. Women would not let on such humiliation. This is after all the sign that the woman is less educated, and maybe even more stupid. In the world she should reign the equality of rights. The woman should have such themselves job prospects as and the man. In spite of the being less able-bodied, the woman can be a person about the greater imagination and aims to the achievement. The man should permit the woman work. If however a will of the woman is staying indoors and the life on the maintenance of the husband, the man should work and know assure to the woman the material welfare and emotional.He should be to them well. The life in love is most important.

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