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Christmas Eve - the day where I am always very happy. This year our family said that we'd spend that time in Italy, skiing and reposing. The day before that joyful event, when I was walking through the nearby park, I saw a face of my best friend which suddenly appeared on the surface of a block of ice. Next day, when everybody was sleeping, I saw the second ghost. He was bigger and thinner than the first one. He let me see the present Christmas. I saw me and a broken vase of my mum. I didn't want to own up and I hid it in my room. The Ghost told me that I should not have hidden it and apologize my mum. I promised that I would do this. I got up at the midnight and I decided to write an apology letter to my mum before the coming of the third ghost.We had fantastic family Christmas.

soryy, ale tylko Boże Narodzenie mi przyszło do głowy. ;P
moze być ;*;*;* ?
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In my country people usually spend Chrismas with them family. Everyone are wishing for other people from family merry Xmas. Families usually eat fish for dinner. ...
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