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My favourite website is www.demotywatory.pl. I like it because it's really funny. The whole idea of this website is to demotivate people using pictures and funny pictures. I find it interesting to watch it. People add funny demotivators every day. I think that some of them are really true. When I watch this website I can find almost every day something that I had been going threw in the past.

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One of my favourite website is www.zadane.pl
(czyta się -mnej więcej- dablju, dablju, dablju, dot, zadane, dot, pe, el)
I really like it because it helps me with homework. On this website, you can write exercise (but you have to have points), then somebody write answer. I think that's so helpful, if you can't do some exercises. People collects points by writing answers, essays, logging everyday and inviting other people. You can meet new buddys. There is points ranking of users.
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