Napisz kartkę z wakacji \
who are you writing to? Present Continuous
what kind of holiday is it?
where are you stadying?
when did you arrive? what was the journey like?Past Simple
what"s the weather/place/hotel like?
what activities have you done?Present Perfect
wha are you doing now/today?Present Continuous
what are you going to do?To be going to
are you having a good time?
say goodbye
Pliss pile bardzo



Hi Sam,
I'm writing to you,becauce I want talking you about my holiday. I am in Moskwa since Friday. I'm coming here to the my family. Yesterday morning I went to the cinema and I visited a gallery. I went shopping and I visited a gallery. The weather were fantastic! I went cycling and played football. I having a great time.I have met many people and I am writing to them every days.Can spend there interesting time and relax.I hope you will visit the Moskwa.
Best wishes