Napisz kartkę z wakacji \
who are you writing to? Present Continuous
what kind of holiday is it?
where are you stadying?
when did you arrive? what was the journey like?Past Simple
what"s the weather/place/hotel like?
what activities have you done?Present Perfect
wha are you doing now/today?Present Continuous
what are you going to do?To be going to
are you having a good time?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Ann,
I'm writing to you, becauce I want telling you about my holiday. I'm very happy to be hear in Greece. I realy enjoy it. I'm staing in five-stars hotel. It' s amazing. I arrived on Wensday. The journy was good. I flow by plane. It was nice. The sky and clouds was stnning. We flow over Euporian citis. They were fantastic. The wather is hot and sunny. I can't laeve the hotel before at about 16 o'clock because it is too hot. The pleace is wonderful and peole is very nice and friendly. I like them. Hotel is marvellous. The disco is evry evenings. I like dancing, so I go to them. I'm going to go to Athens tommorow. I want to see an Akropol. I have a good time. Don't miss a change to visit Greece. I'm sure you are enjoy it.
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Hi Sasha

How are you and your family? Hope all okay. I'm writting, because I wanted to tell you that I'm in USA! I'm having a very good time here! You can't imagine how a beautiful is New York!
The weather is amazing! The sun is shining, there's any rain and any noisy neighbours as in Poland. My aunt invited me here on my holiday. I'm standing at her's house - it isn't very big but very comfortable. I arrived here at 3 am. I was so tired so i went to sleep. I woke up at 10 am. I have just been to Central Park, Broadway and Times Square. Right now I'm cleaning my room, because it's quite messy since I arrived. Tomorrow I'm going to see the Wall street and Rockefeller Center.
Hope that we will see each other soon. I have already bogutha souvenir for you.
PPP ; )
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Hi Anna
How are you? I'm in Italy now and having a great time.The weather were fantastic.Weve been so lucky every dayes been sunny and hot.I was with my friends on holiday.I went to the cinema and I visted a gallery.Every day I was walking to the beach.I have met many people and I am writing to them every day.You shold go to the seaside one day. I m walk by the sea in the evenning or visit the city.I am spend there interesting time and relax.
Best wishes
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