Opis wypadu nocnego.
wypracowanie musi zawierać odpowiedzi na pytania:
Who/go with?
What/have to eat and drink?
/meet anyone?
How/go home?
What time/get home?
/have a good time?

z góry dziękuję;)



Yestrday I was in party. I was with my friend Ola. I wore a blue dress. We went to Łukasz's hause. We danced and played all night long. To eat was delitions pizza with mushroms, ham and chese. I enjoed it. To drink was cola, juices and water. I met a lot of people. After party Łukasz went to home with us. I came back home at about 1 o'clock. I had a wonderful time.
Last night I went out with my best friend (imie kolezanki). We went to the cinema to watch a new horror. I was wearing black sweater and blue trousers and my friend had a white blouse and black jeans. We went into the cinema and we bought two tickets. Then we looked for our places and sat down. The film started at 8 pm. We ate popcorn and drank cold cola. There was a handsome boy sitting next to us. He sometimes smiled to us. The horror was quite scary. (imie kolezanki) screamed twice. After the film he gave us his phone number. At about 10 pm we went out of the cinem and walked home. Durning our way we meet some friends from class. We got back home at about 10 pm. We had together a wonderful time.