Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-HI Marta!
- Hello!
-I've got a problem. I can't do my homework.
-I can do it . Maybe I help you?
-Thanks, too much.
-Can you swim? I can't swim and I go with my friends on swimming pool.
- Yes, I can. I learn you. It's easy. I can't swam , but my dad learn me. On summer I won contest!
- thank you. Can you go with us on swimming pool?
-Yes, I can . I can help you ! So when you come to me?
- we can meet on Friday?
-Sorry, i can't . Maybe on Saturday?
- Sure i can . But at 16 o'clock, because before I can't.
-OK, See You.

1 5 1
1.Can Sandy run ten kilometres?
Yes,he can.
2.Can she jump?
No,he can't.
3.Can she sing?
Yes,he can.
4.Can Polly talk?
No, he can't.
5.Can Sandy swim four kilometres?
Yes,he can.
- Hi Tania! I've got a problem.
- Hi! What's the problem?
- Well... I can't do the tasks from physics
- Don't worry. I can make this task. I will help you.
- Really? Thanks.