Mam napisać e-mail po angielsku... i musi się w nim znaleźć
*your trip the UK, USA or Australia
*the school, classes and teacher
*new friends
*a reason to finish the letter

Imagine you are studying at a language school in thr UK, USA or Australia. Write to an e-mail to an English-speaking friend.



Hi Kate!
How are you? Im sorry that i didnt write for so long time but i have been really busy last time. Lately i moved to UK and now im going to college here. I have already met so many frineds and most of them are very kind and friendly. My new class is great my classmate always help me when i have any problem and aslo the teachers are very helpfull as well. I loved this country and my school as much as i dont want to come back home now. I'm sorry but now i have to go becaouse i have many homework to do for tomorrow. Please keep in touch and i hope to hear from you soon.

Hello Ola!
How are you? I'm fine.

As you know I'm on the trip to UK. Here is beautifoul and really cool.

We go to UK's school. In all schools in UK are uniforms and schools only for girls, and schools only for boys. In school to which we go, they have white whirt, tie, navy sweater, a blue-green skirt, black or navy socks and black shoes. It looks good.

School is very big and nice. Classes has about 30 students. Teachers are very nice and helpful. They help you if you don't understand something. Girls are also nice and helpful but some girls aren't nice and look at you like on someone different. I have many new friends. After school we go to the cinema, swimming pool or to the park. We do many interesting things. I really like this school and people.

I have to finish my e-mail because we go to the museum. We will watch very interesting exhibition. I will write you later.

Take care, bye.
Dear Katrina
I'm having a lovely time in London.
It's sunny and we've already spent a lot of time
visit Tower on London.On Saturday we take
a ride on the London Eye.It was fantastic.
Yesterday we went shopping and I bought
lots of souvenirs.I haven't visited the British
Museum yet.That's all for now.Have you
booked your trip yet?
Best wishes