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Great news! I'm going on around-the-world trip. I'm leaving on 23rd June from Szczecin in Poland and I'm flying to Africa. I'm going to go on a safari trip. I really want to see elephants and lions. I'm staying there for two days. I'm going to sleep in a tent with a tour guide. After that I'm going by ship to Australia and I'm spending three days there. I'm going to see beautiful deserts: Great Victoria Desert and Great Sandy Desert and wild animals, for example: koalas, crocodiles and kangaroos. Main atraction is diving on Great Coral Reef on Pacyfik. Next I'm going by plane to Egipt . I will see pyramids and Sfinks. On the 3rd of July I'm flying to Rio de Janeiro and I'm stayind there for three days. I hope there will be carnival because I love to dance. This is amazing event. I'm gong to the most famous beach: Copa Cabbana. It is near Rio. Then I'm flying to New York. There is Statue of Liberty and Famous banking street: Wall Street. I'm going to see a show on Broadway and walk in Central Park at night. After that I'm going by plane to France. I'm staying in Paris for 5 days. I'm going to see Eiffle tower and Azure Coast and I'm going to visit Disneyland. Finally I'm returning to Szczecin. I'm loking forward to this trip. Maybe you will go with me? See you next week.

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