Mark - my best friend
Mark is a very special person for me. I can honestly say that he has even made a great influence on my entire life. We have known each other since the 6th class of Primary School and since then we have always been best friends. He is 19 and now and he goes to the public high school in Krakow.

Personally I think that Mark is an attractive and generally sociable person. He trains a bit athletics, so his well-shaped figure seems to be like an athlete. He is not very tall, but looks older than he is. Also, He has got a long face with blue eyes, which are deeply set below his large forehead. He is bald. usually he wears casual clothes such as baggy jeans and striped sweaters. What is very extraordinary he always wears the similar set of clothes all the time.

I like him because he is an optimistic and joyful person. Whenever he has got into trouble, he does not worry about that. However he is also very ambitious, which means that he wants to train better and better.

A I see it now, I am almost sure that our friendship will last many years and even if he immigrates to a foreign country we will see each other regularly.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My family

My name is Damian and this is my nearby family. My father Robert, my mother Joanna, my grandma Danuta and grandpa Edward. I live in a flat Malbork. My mother is a dressmaker.
She thirty three years old. She has long blonde hair and very nice face, blue eyes, big red mouth. Joanna is calm, patient, caring, warm. She is a great mum. Her open hearted and good natured is really, because she always and everywhere help everybody. I love my mother for her kidness, thoughtfulness. My father is cheerful. He is policeman. Robert prefers fashion clothes. He has great face, black hair, blue eyes. He has domineering personality. He is strict, tolerant, hard-headed but isn’t severe parent. Maybe he has defects, but all in all I love his so much because, he is cool and wonderful father. The best on the world. He is well-older brother and good guy. In the first place in his heart is family. My grandma is angel. She isn’t retired woman. She absorbing a commerce. My grandma is generous, understanding me. She hates to intrude into one’s life. She live in big detached house. She has a good sense of humor and everybody have a good opinion about her person. On her years look like wonderful, just incredible. I love her because is the best grandmother in the world.

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