Napisz w 200-250 słowach opowiadanie zatytułowane "Holiday Nightmare".
1. When did it happen?
2. Where were you?
3. Who was with you?
4. What was the weather like?
5. What happened?
6. How did you feel?
7. How did other people react?
8. What happened in the end?



This sumer, I and my familly flew on an aeroplane for the first time to Canada. I was so nervous and excited.

My seat in the plane was next to the window. I saw everything. Views were picturesque and beautiful.

In Canada, we stayed in an old, small and cosy hotel, near the train station.
It was raining. It was midnight so we went to bed. At night I had an open windowand I heard a loud noise. I was tired and I though that this seemed to me. The noises werw more scarey. I got up ang looked out of the window. I saw a woman. She was laing on the beanch in the train station, but suddenly she disappeared. She was a ghost. I was terrified and I ran to my parents room. It turned out that they heard a noise too.

In the morning we asked worker about these noises. He said that in the train station woman dies and she appeared abd shouted every night.
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