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When Hamlet's father died his mother married the dad king's brother Claudius. One night ghost of king appeard in castle and said Hamlet the truth. In fact Claudius killed Hamlet's father . It was a painful death. Hamlet wanted to kill his stepfather. Claudius began to suspect that Hamlet knew something . Hamlet went to his mother room. While he was talking with his mother he heard a noise behind a curtain. He killed that person who was standing behind that one because he was thinking that it was Claudius. Unfortunately it was Polonius. Next Claudius sent Hamlet to England. While he was there Ophelia went mad and killed herself. When Hamlet returned, Ophelia's brother - Laertes challenged Hamlet to a fight. Claudius wanted Hamlet to loose so he poisoned Laertes's Sword. He also Prepared a poisoned wine to give Hamlet in case he won. While Laerte and Hamlet were fighting Gertrude drank that wine and died. Next Hamlet cut Laertes and then Laertes cut Hamlet. After that Hamlet killed Claudius and next died himself.

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The main protagonist of the book Antonine'a de Saint - Exupéry is the little prince. This is a young boy living in an alien planet with a rose. She had a tendency to complain, so the unhappy hero decided to leave it. He landed on a planet inhabited by a lone king, then went to the traveler, a drunkard, a banker, lighthouse and a geographer. With each of them held a conversation and learned. Finally arrived on Earth. At the Sahara desert, he met a snake, which offered him assistance if he wanted to go home. In search of a hero of people went out again. Met at the fox, who explained to him the essence of friendship. Also went to a garden full of roses, and walk each of them was beautiful he understood the uniqueness of this single, he left without care. The first meeting of people were engrossed in his work switchman. His attitude of the hero has decided to understand the splendor of childhood perception of the world. Then he met Merchant Prince, which satisfying the needs of pill raised objections. The only reasonable man in the eyes of the prince turned out to be a pilot. The hero asked him to draw a lamb. Pilot traced on a piece of the box, and a lamb left the work of the imagination. Shown in this way, children's sensibility and way of looking at the world. New friend helped the newcomer to realize the love of a rose, which led him to return. In moving to a distant planet, has helped the hero of a viper bite. At the time of death, the boy said only that too much flesh left on earth, and richer in experience the spirit returned to his beloved rose to encircle her care and to lead with her happy life. That there was to his place, and stay on Earth has become a way to learn important values and the school's most beautiful feelings.

This extraordinary book that its content and message captivates children and adults. It enjoys popularity around the world. It leads to thinking about things simple and obvious, and to change its attitude. It introduces the reader to the fabulous world of a child's imagination, full of symbols, dreams and life values.