My best friend is Gabrysia. She is sixteen. She has got dog and hamster. Gabrysia like sport, fashion and parties. She is helpful, cheerful and very tolerant.
My best friend called Monika. She has got brown eyes and black hair. She like ice cream and pizza. She has got eleven years old. She is tall and slim.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My best friend is Wioletta. She is 14. She isnt unfriendley becasue she like meet new people. She has got a 2 cats.She love sports!!! She prefer vooleyball, football and basketball. Shy is crazy and nice. She has got a black hair and blue eyes. She likes shoes Nike dunk;) She has got a small brother. She has a boyfriend too. His name is Łukasz. He is a volleyball player. She probably love him. I like Wioletta becasue she is polite;)