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When Hamlet's father died his mother married the dad king's brother Claudius. One night ghost of king appeard in castle and said Hamlet the truth. In fact Claudius killed Hamlet's father . It was a painful death. Hamlet wanted to kill his stepfather. Claudius began to suspect that Hamlet knew something . Hamlet went to his mother room. While he was talking with his mother he heard a noise behind a curtain. He killed that person who was standing behind that one because he was thinking that it was Claudius. Unfortunately it was Polonius. Next Claudius sent Hamlet to England. While he was there Ophelia went mad and killed herself. When Hamlet returned, Ophelia's brother - Laertes challenged Hamlet to a fight. Claudius wanted Hamlet to loose so he poisoned Laertes's Sword. He also Prepared a poisoned wine to give Hamlet in case he won. While Laerte and Hamlet were fighting Gertrude drank that wine and died. Next Hamlet cut Laertes and then Laertes cut Hamlet. After that Hamlet killed Claudius and next died himself.

Praca mojego autorstwa, swego czasu również zdawałam ją z pamięci . Streszczenie jest na ocenę bdb, teraz wystarczy tylko się go nauczyć ;)