Hi! I wondering about this job in Scotland on 1st August and I have few questions…
First of all I like to know the dates of my holiday, secondly, the place of my accommodation, because I can’t live in a place where cats are because I'am allergic. And could you tell me the best way how to get to Scotland from London, I will be appreciated if you choose the cheapest ;) thank you very much.

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Hello. I'm intresting in holidays working in Scotland. I can start on 1 Agust. I have a questions. At first I wolud like to know something abotu the dates of the holidays. It's very important. Next could you tell me where I'm going to stay? Is it a hotel or private house or maybe youth hostel? If you will check it, please remember that I can't sleep in the bunk-beds, becouse I have a fear of heights. Before I forgot, the most importatn think. How to get to Scotland from London? I have a little problem with matps, so I will be grateful if you can tell me that. See You soon.