I'm having the best time of my life.On holiday I was in Gdańsk. I travelled by car. I slept at my aunt and my uncle's house.The weather was very, very, very good, because sunny and hot, but sometimes the weather was bad. When was rainy we read books and played cards. I got up at 10 o'clock ! Every day I went to the beach, to the mall and I saw many monuments and museums. In Gdańsk I met lots of best friends. There are very friendly and very nice. What's more, I met a very attractive boy while in the club the other night. I was in the opera. I bought many souvernirs: a T-shirt, a mug, a keyring and more. On the beach I collected beautiful stones and shells. Every day I, my friends and my family rode a bike. We have a very good time. I the evening I went to the disco. I went to bed at 2 o'clock am and I wake up at 11 o'clock ! I had a very good time.
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