Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Every of us dreams about an ideal house. Mine will be placed in Los Angeles in the USA. It will stay in the subburbs, because I don't like traffic jams and noisy streets. When I will wake up I will see a huge see through my window.
My ideal house will be quite huge. I would like to live here with my wife/husband (nie wiem czy jestes k czy m) and with my kids. It will be surrounded by a huge green hedge. In a garden there will be lots of colorfull flowers from diferrent countries and a pond with ducks and frogs. There will also stay a bench and a grill.
The house will have 2 floors and an attic with old things. On the ground floor there will be a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a small office, where I will have a lots of books and souvenirs from journeys.
In the black kitchen there will be a big black fridge with a lot of sweets in it. Next to it there will stay a black oven. In one of the corners there will stay one wooden table with wooden chairs. The walls will be purple and black and there will be one window with view on the garden.
In the living room there will be red walls with red carpet on the white floor. In the corner there will stay a plazma TV with flowers next to it. In this room there will also stay a huge red sofa with three litlle white pillows and two armchairs. Behind them there will be placed an old fireplace with some photos on it.
As I said there will be also my office, but I don't know how it will look like yet.
In the blue bathroom you will find a huge bath and a small sink. Above the sink there will be a shelf with my cosmetics. There will stay also a white toilet and in the corner there will be a small tv. When you will get out of this bathroom next to the doors there will be stairs which will lead you to the second floor.
On the seconds floor there will be my bedroom, our kids' bedrooms and a small bahtroom.
Next to the stairs you will find my bedroom. It will have yellow walls and wooden floor. In the left corner there will stay my bed with red cushions and a cute teddy bear. Opposite to this bed there will be placed a tv and a bookshelf. As I said there will a be a window with view on the sea. Next to it there will stay a wardrobe with countless clothes and a desk with brown chair.
In front of my room there will be the same bathroom like downstairs but this ojne will be withour bath.
Our kids' rooms will look like they want. I will just put in their rooms one small tv and a desk with chair.
I hope that my dream will come true, but right now I'd like to earn money to be able to own such a big house..

mam nadzieje ze sie przyda, bo ja za niego 6 dostalam ; )
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