Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi. On weekend I was in this new shopping centre with my sister. We had a very great time there. We were in a lot of shops. I bought this new trendy t-shirt, wonderful trousers and nice shoes. In one shop I met Tom. Oh, he is handsome.

pozdrawiam :)
On Saturday I went shopping to the supermarket. I have to buy food for a dinner. While I was looking for some vagetables, I saw Anne! Do you know Anne? She was my the best friend in the primary school. She has gone to the USA after secondary school. She wanted to visit her family in Poland. It was a very nice meeting.
Hello Mery. On Sunday I went shopping with my mom. I know, in this time I should be at school but at first I went to the doctor. So we went shopping to the City Center into the "SHOPOMANIA". It is so big. I've never see that before. There was a lot of sales, so I bought a lot of interesting things like black trousers, red glasses, grey trainers. I spend only 100zł. When I went to the EXIT i saw small girl. She looks poor and starving. She cried. I taken her hand and we went to the KFC bar to eat somethink. She was so pretty. Than we talked a lot, my mom taken her into our car and we take care of her in our house.