Napisz w 5-6 zdaniach różnice pomiędzy podanymi pojęciami :
1. a laptop/ a palmtop
2. a text message/ an email
3. the keyboard/ the desktop
4. software/ hardware
5. a printer/ a scanner
6. a floppy disk/ a CD- ROM

wiem ze to oczywiste, ale nie wiem jak to opisac.
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Palmtop is smaller than any standard laptop computer.
It is designed to be able to be used whilst holding it in hand
A laptop fits in a bag, a palmtop fits in a pocket
Laptops tend to be much larger than palmtops and much more powerful.

An email is a text document which is sent to your Internet Service Provider server when you press the 'send' button.
Email is fast, text messaging is faster
An email need internet connection to be send.
a text message is typical for cell phones and emails for PC`s

the keyboard is used to type text and numbers into a word and a desk views us that text

hardware is a physical device something that you're able to touch and see.
Software is code and instructions that tell a computer or hardware how to operate.
Hardware is a thing in computer and software is a program that operate on the hardware like Microsoft Windows or Internet browser

Printer is an output device that prints hard copy, while the scanner is input device that scans image.
A printer produces a copy of what you see on screen into a piece of paper. A scanner makes a copy of what it sees and sends it to your computer

floppy disks take less time to store what you want on it than CD-roms.
Both do the same kind of task. But Floppy Drives are older and only hold 1.25 MB And a CD can hold 700 MB
CDrom once written cannot be erased while floppy can
1. Laptop is known as computer which we can take everywhere. But it's bigger than palmtop. Palmtop is more like a phone. It's smaller and more comfortable. Even laptop is bigger, palmtop has more options.
2. Text message we can send by cellphone. E-mail is a message which we send by mail-box. Text message is much shorter. In text message we use abbreviations. E-mail could be more official.
3. Keyboard is a thing which we use only to write. Desktop is to showing pictures or films. Keyboard has keys with letters.
4. Software is a general term used to describe the role that computer programs. Hardware is a general term for the physical artifacts of a technology. It may also mean the physical components of a computer system, in the form of computer hardware. Software includes things such as websites, programs or video games. "Software" is sometimes used in a broader context to mean anything which is not hardware but which is used with hardware, such as film, tapes and records.
5. Printer we use to print some pictures or documents. Scanner we use to scan the same things but it sends them to computer. Printer gives us them from computer. Scanner is only laser. Printer could use ink.
6. Floppy disc is useless now. Actually we don't use them anymore. But we used them as we use CD-ROM now. It had had less memory. CD-ROM has more memory, it's more comfortable. Floppy disc is easier to destroy.