1, Polish language classes for foreigners will be held on the street. tysiąclecia 15 on the market 2 we will be there to learn Polish grammar, learn Polish words, to acquaint themselves with phrases such as in a shop 3 These lessons are useful because in the shop when you want to buy something that is easily the agreement, we will be better to move around the city 4 bartosz wojtek st. tysiąclecia 15 telephone 678,432,567
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Let's learn Polish!
If you're interested in Polish language and Polish culure let's know it with me! I organise Polish lessons in every Monday in class 56. We're going to learn some Polish language, know Polish culture and eat some typical Polish meals. Lessons can be useful for everyone! Especcialy for people who are in Poland and who are interested in our country. If you're interested in taking part in lessons, call me and ask for XYZ (46568995)