"small prince" czyli "mały książę"
Small prince of pilot (remote control) drank books - narrator it has landed by failure of aircraft - mandatory. Had stockpiles of food and waters on some (certain) eight days only, so, as fault tried (look) to repair most faster. On sand about thousand mile from living fields certain day evening (in the evening) zasną. When it has awoken , it has seen small prince tiny over it – człowieczka. It has asked pilot (remote control) about drawing ram (ram) Człowieczek. Unfortunately, pilot of (remote control of) stripped (gotten rid) imagination failed to draw ram (ram) by adult. Small prince has received drawing for (after) several unsuccessful with box attempts (tests), ram has been hidden in which (who) exactly. From conversations, which (who) with newcomer pilot (remote control) carry conclude, that he (it) lives on planet maleńkiej, most probably B-612. On planet, which (who) was greatest than ordinary house grow rose not. Small took care of her (it) carefully very Książe. However, rose took place discontent, so, prince decide she (it) leave. It visited different planets traveling. Among others, small has met king Książe, which (who) issued different orders all the time, though did not have neither one subjected. Applauses meet (face each other) vacant wanting hear only and recognition, drunkard, which (who) drank , as it was ashamed it, that it drinks, banker, which (who) thought (consider) stars for ownership and it counted it (them) continuously, lighthouse keeper, which (who) must that minute zgaszać and fire (light) lamps, because there day followed (step) so fastly and night. As prince has visited last geographer, which (who) has counseled it (him), in order to it has toured land (earth). Small has met on land (earth) Książe Żmiję, which (who) has promised it (him) help with return to house, it has met fox, it talked to which (who) about hunting, accustoming and important many others cases. It talked to tradesman too, Zwrotniczym and flower. When garden has found rouge (rose) with (from) five thousand, for taste no not fall to it (him) … small apprehend Książe, that it loves rouge (roses) only and decide return. It has helped it (him) in (to) it Żmija, to leg him (it) ukąszając. It said Zasypiając, that body become (stay) on land (earth) only , because it is for heavy, in order to it has taken it (them) so far.