"The hotch-potch from mushrooms "

30 decagram of the sausage,
30 decagram of the onion,
30 decagram of pickles,
1 small can of the tomato paste,
the vegetable,
the pepper,
30 decagram of mushrooms.

The manner of the dressing:
All components in turn separately to fry. Then to connect and together to choke about 10 min To add the tomato paste and seasonings

"Eggs stuffed with the herring "

5 fresh eggs ,
2 decagram of the fat,
2 decagram of the onion or the chive,
3 decagram of the butter,
1 postal herring ,
15 decagram of the stale bread,
3 decagram of the stale roll,
the seasonal adoption,
1/2 glasses of the milk.

The manner of the dressing:
Eggs to cook hard-boiled, to cool, to peel, carefully to cut along half, to choose yolks, whites to put aside in halves. To soak the roll in the milk, to impress. The finely chopped onion lightly to brown on the fat (or in season to use the raw chive). To rinse, to soak, to cause and to chop the herring. Yolks, the roll soaked and the onion to grind, to blend together. To put this stuffing to whites, granting to halves the shape of the all egg. The white somewhat to cut down from the base, so that the egg surely stand . The bread to peel from the skin, to cut into wafer-thin slices of the width and the length of the egg, to grease with the butter. On the bread to arrange eggs, to rise with seasonal accessories. To give on the rectangular, glass-dish, adopted with the green lettuce or with the hem of the leaf of the savoy.

"Stuffed egg "

5 decagram of the butter,
4 eggs,
1 teaspoon of green,
chopped parsley and 1 teaspoon of green,
chopped dill,

The manner of the dressing:
Eggs to cook hard-boiled, to cool and to peel from shells. To cut along on halves. Yolks of eggs to choose. The butter to grate on the fluffy mass, to add boiled yolks and salt to the taste. Once again to crumble. To the usual mass to add the finely chopped vegetables and to blend. To form small globules which to stuff one ought remaining halves of eggs in depressions after yolks. To arrange on the dish and to give with the bread.

"The hotch-potch "

2 kilogrammes of the sourcrout,
60 decagram of the beef,
60 decagram of ribs,
30 decagram of the sausage,
5 decagram of prunes,
2 spoons table-seasonings to the hotch-potch and the dish from the cabbage.

The manner of the dressing:
The cabbage to chop, to flood with the boiling water and to cook without the cover approx. 1.5 h. To soak plums. The meat to cook in lightly salted water. The cabbage to strain, to add cut tessellated the meat, the sausage and plums. The whole to flood with the meat-decoction , to add the seasoning and to cook over low heat 2 - 3 h often mixing. On the next day to warm up, to give with the bread. Adding of the glass of the red, dry wine will make attractive the taste of the hotch-potch acting him more elegant.

The Silesian "hotch-potch with noodles "

1.5 kilogrammes of the sourcrout,
1 kilogramme of the porkshoulder or cuttings of pig's with the bone,
10 decagram of the lard or the margarine,
5 decagram of the tomato paste,
25 decagram of the onion,
2 decagram garlic,
3 decagram of the wheat meal,
the natural pepper ,

1 kilogramme of potatoes,
30 decagram of the wheat meal,
1 egg,

The manner of the dressing:
The meat to wash, let his hair down from the bone, to cut tessellated. The garlic to peel, to rub with salt. The onion to peel and to cut tessellated. On the fat to quick-fry the meat blended with rubbed garlic and salt, to add the onion, the caraway and salt. To strangle to the softness with the little of water. The sauerkraut to rinse, to cook to the softness and to strain. The strangled meat to merge with the tomato paste and to thicken with the suspension from the flour and water. Potatoes to wash, to peel and to cook from salted water, to strain, warm to press through the press to potatoes, to add eggs and the flour, then to knead the dough on noodles with the pinch of salt. To form the roller from the dough about the section 3 cms and to cut out from him not large hooves. To cook from boiling, salted water on a slow fire. To take out with the strainer spoon and to merge with the sourcrout and the strangled meat. To attach with the pepper. Mixing gently to lead the whole to boiling. To give straight away with the bread.

"Pigeons "

1 soft cabbage head (approx. 1 kilogramme),
0.75 szkl. of rice,
2 onions,
3 spoons of the margarine,
2 decagram of dried mushroom,
the pepper.

The mushroom sauce:
the decoction from fungi,
3 spoons of the margarine,
1 spoon of the flour,
0.5 szkl. of the sour cream,
the tomato-paste ,

The manner of the dressing:
The cabbage to peel from outer leaves, to cut out the stump, to rinse, to put to boiling, salted water, to parboil. To strain, to lay out on the sieve and to drain. To separate letters, to cut down thick nerves. Rice to disguise , to rinse, to flood with boiling water (2 szkl.), to put some salt, to add 1 spoon of the fat and to cook on granularly. When water will vanish into rice, to get well cooked "under the pilch". Fungi to rinse, to cook in the small quantity of water, to strain, to drain, to chop. Onions to peel, finely to cut, to brown on 2 spoons of the fat. To rice to add fungi, the onion, salt, the pepper, exactly to blend. To put the stuffing on the letter of the cabbage, to roll up into the roll, to arrange in the wide, flat saucepan, to water with the decoction from fungi blended with the tomato-paste , to add the fat and to choke till will soften. The flour to mix with the sour cream, to pour to the decoction, to season to the taste and still the moment to stew. To give with potatoes from water.

The Christmas "soup from the carp "

2 heads of the carp (without eyes and it is necessary to take out gills),
the spawn,
20 decagram of Italian language (the carrot and the parsley and the celery - rubbed off on the grater about thick eyes),
6 decagram of the butter,
6 decagram of the flour - from this one turns the browned flour and butter,
the pinch of the ginger,
the clove of garlic,
wegeta to the taste,
1 bay leaf,
3 the herb English,
the parsley to scenery,
1.5 - 2 ll of water.

2 rolls cut into the ossicle and quick-fried on the butter - one adds as is already the soup given on the plate.

The manner of the dressing:
Washed heads, fins, the allspice, the bay leaf, the garlic to waterlog and to cook to the softness. To strain, the meat to peel from the fish-bone. To the decoction to add rubbed off vegetables , to salt, to season wegetą and with the ginger. How she will boil to season with the browned flour and butter and moments to cook. How are vegetables almost soft to throw peeled meat from the carp and crumbled spawn. Boil, strew with the leaves and one can give.

The Christmas-eve-""borsch

1.5 ll of the decoction from vegetables,
250 mls of the fish stock(not necessarily) ,
0.5 kilogrammes of beets,
6 decagram of the onion, 2 decagram of dried mushroom,
2-3 decagram of the butter,
the dill,
the garlic and acid from beets to the taste.

The manner of the dressing:
Fungi to wash, to soak and to cook. Beets to wash, to clean, to rinse, to flood with boiling water, to cook. Soft beets to take out, to peel, to rub off on the grater about large openings. The decoction from vegetables to merge with the fish stock and fungi, to add beets, the moment to cook. The onion to peel, to rinse, to cut tessellated, to fry, to augment of the borsch together with chopped fungi, to season to the taste. To give with little ears from fungi.
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