The best things in life are free.

Many people argue that you can't buy the best things in life. For example, feelings, knowledge, experience. However, money makes some things easier to obtain. As a result, this is not an easy sentence to confirm.

First of all, feelings like love, friendship or happiness are certainly free. These are things which people can't buy for any price. We like our friends for who they are, not for their money, cars or what they look like. Friendship must be honest and true. In addition, things like smile, kiss and laugh are also free and very important in our life. We can smile to everybody, laugh at jokes because these don't cost a thing.

On the other hand, if you have money you can have fewer worries. If you want to spend a great time with friends you should have some money. For example, every film in the cinema, meal in the restaurant costs. Moreover, people spend a lot of money on pleasures, such as clothes, CDs, books, tickets for a football match or a concert. What is more, collectors of expensive and luxurious cars or motors know that these kinds of things are not free.

To sum up, the opinion that the best things in life are free can arouse different feelings. A lot of people will try to buy some things which make them happier with money. But in my opinion, the most important things are love, friendship and knowledge and these things will stay free forever.

(Oczywiście zakończenie możesz trochę zmienić, bo to jest moje zdanie;)