Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-How old are you ??
-I'm ten.
-How are you ??
-I'm Ok
-Do you speak Polish ??
-No,I don't
-What's your favourite sport ??
-My favourite sport is volleyball ??
-Do you like dogs ??
-Yes, of course.
3 3 3
-what`s your name?
-my name is Jacob. What`s your name?
-I`m Julia. How old are you Jacob?
-I`m 17
-Where`re you from?
-I`m from Poland
-Can u tell me something about you Julia ?
- Yes, sure i`m 18 and I`m from Peru
-Nice to meet you :)
-Nice to meet you too Jacob
1 3 1
- Hi
-I'm Monika. What's your name.?
-I'm Kamil. How old are you.?
-I'm 13. What about you?
-I'm 15.What is your favourite colour?Mine is blue.
- I like black and white.Nice to meet you Kamil.
-Nice to meet you too Monika
-bye ;) see you later
3 4 3