Complete the sentence with the correct form of the Present Perfect

A: Hi, Linda. It's Tim. Have you done (you/do) all the jobs in the youth club?
B: no, we ________________(not finish) everything but Tom and Ann_______________ (clean) the room and Sue _____________ (decorate) it. It looks really great.
A: Good ____________________ (you/think) about the layout of the room ?
B: We _____________ (change) it. Tom and I ______________(move) the furniture. Ann __________________(put up) all the lights. We ______________(not make) any sandwiches, but we _________________ (buy) some pizzas.
A: I can hear music. __________________________ (the musicians/arrive)
B: yes, they're practising now.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Haven't finished
has cleaned
has decorated
have you thought
have changed
have moved
has put up
haven't made
have bought
Have the musicians arrived
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Have not finished
have cleaned
has decorated
have you taught
have chnged
have moved
has put up
have not made
have bought
have the musicians arrived
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1.haven't finished
2.has cleaned
3.has decorated
4.have you thought
5.have changed
6.have moved
7.has put up
8.haven't made
9.have bought
10.Have the musicians arrived