Without doubt Zakopane is the most beautifil city in Southern Poland. Located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, it is the most popular skii resort in Poland. When it comes to outdoor activities like skiing, rock climbing, rafting, mountaineering, cycling or paragliding etc. there is no place like Zakopane that better serves these purposes. The city is also home to hundreds of sport tournamnets taking place all year round.

In the immediate vicinity of Zakopane there is a land of natural beauty and wildlife preserved in The Tatra National Park – one of the oldest national parks in Poland. If you love hiking or mountain biking this a perfect place for you.

But Zakopane boasts more than that. Before the World War I it had been widely regarded as the art and culture capital of Poland. The city had owed its status to many eminent artists, writers, and musicians who had settled there. Among them was Stanislaw Witkiewicz – a painter and father of Zakopane style in architecture, Ignacy Paderewski - a world-class pianist, as well as Karol Szymanowski - one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. Having so many notable residents Zakopane has been the host of numerous music and theatre festivals.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I live in a quite large village. Here is a ten - century church in the centre of the village, secondary school and high school . I go to this highschool everyday. Here is also small forest and a lot of fields with cows and sheeps. The people who are living in my village are hard-working but very nice . There is also a big swimming pool in my village. I enjoy it, because a love to swimming. In my village is also an old high hill. I often go there by bicycle with my friends. We really like it. Here is also two supermarkets in my village.