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*Title- give your reviw a title
* Introduction
What 's it called ? Who wrote it ? When ?
What's it about Is it a true or a fiction story ?
*Describe the main characters/ events .
Who are the main characters ?
Where did it happen ? What happend
What happend in the end ?
Write a short final paragraph.
What did you think of the book ?



Author and the heroine of the book at the same time Fri "Diary of drug users" is Barbara Rosiek. Born on 25 June 1959 in Czestochowa. Writer, poet, painter. She graduated in psychology in Katowice.

The book was created from authentic records conducted by Barbara years. The book raises many problems: lack of acceptance by the surroundings, unimaginable even the heroine's loneliness, struggle with school, and the police. All of this ultimately led to the disease Basia compelling soul and body. Yes! Drug addiction is a disease.
Basia figure shows how very weak man becomes addicted. To get the product is almost ready for anything. Drugs led it to the bottom. Where humanity ends. Basia years stuck in a torpor. Indifferent to the feelings, the environment. She had no friends. Among drug users because there is no place for friendship-only systems. All her friends were ćpunami. Because they were all gone.
Unconsciously with a sleepy smile faded first Iga. Second was Tom ...
"Tom is not alive. CPAL somewhere with some people. He had a collapse and others are scared. Not only called the ambulance carried him to the bench and he died there. And it can bring off ... "
This is part of the notes from May 27. Then Philip, who went to the "golden shot" is narkomańskie suicide. And the oldest of throughout the Alpha package was sent to prison and there he hanged himself.

All old friends of the dead was just herself.
Everyone wears masks, adjusting them to the occasion. Basia did the same thing. For fear of disappointed parents pretended that all was well. Studied, went to school. Inside it still took a great fight. Fight for Life. Do not admit that the next CPA.
Fled before the second man. Was treated for a year in MONARZE. Center led by Mark Kotanski. At his own request came from him. Everyone thought that she was the first to go. Ashamed that after next week CPAL. Do not admit to this. Lying Kotanski, parents and doctors.

One day, Basia wrote: "I like the solitude but sometimes her mom had enough. Then again looking for people to be discouraged. " And this is the quote could be summarized as the first part of the book.
Every time you read this book I discovered many new things. New questions come to mind. But with each side grows read in my admiration.
Admiration for Basia, who in spite of the disease found in so much strength to quit, graduate, to work.
Was isolated from the habit of love. It was only a multidimensional loneliness, suffering and death, which over the years passed by Basi. Wiping for her.

After the collapse, however, Basia decided to live. Fight for themselves. Finishes high school, to study and ends with distinction. Shows that if a man finds in himself the power output from addiction is possible.
He writes: "If life was given to us, you can not always ask about its meaning, the only way to meet them live every day." And goes to her.
Diary is a book that aims to raise awareness and help us understand how much power the drug can get over a man. We must remember that our life is a continual struggle, that on our way there are obstacles, but if you find yourself in the hope and love that we can overcome them.

The book was written primarily as a warning. It shows what the hell entails drugs. The book is drastic but the threat posed by each drug needed. I recommend a book for young people, parents and teachers, despite the fact that was first published over twenty years ago is still required reading, and still current. At the summary I would like to quote another passage from the book "Every kind of drug which brings you to the ultimate defeat-apathy".

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