Short story describes the boy's life and the countryside, "in love" in the windmills. Strugala them in every free moment, even during the grazing of cattle, so they had to give him to help a younger sister. Who wants the questions to be answered, without hesitation, that the builder of windmills. When his sister became ill, then inserted it into three "Hail" to the furnace to expel from her illness - died in terrible agony. Later, Antek was sent to school, because the professor taught children the alphabet backwards and forwards, within three years. "Professor" taught 4 letter alphabet, and then scraping potatoes, helping in the barn. The mother had no money at the end of the study and Antek "kicked out" from school. Then it was given to the blacksmith, in which too quickly learned profession. After returning home, the beautiful carved statues, which he sold for a penny marny. Finally, the river overflowed its banks, bringing the family to poverty and Antek had to go "in the world." The story presented is the standard of living of the peasants, the exploitation of the poorest layers of the "educated" person (professor, smith).
''Barry Trotter"

Contains BARRY TROTTER AND THE SHAMELESS PARODY, BARRY TROTTER AND THE UNNECESSARY SEQUEL and the all new BARRY TROTTER AND THE DEAD HORSE. Supplied in a high-tech biodegrable, epoxy resin fixed, folded paper-pulp display case , these three books tell the ghastly tale of Barry Trotter, Lon Measley and Ermine Cringer. Amusingly the story starts when barry is 22, goes on to tell what happened when he was 39 and then, because we couldn't think what do next, zips back, via a supremely unlikely plot device to when he was 9. Laugh! at Lord Valumart's bizarrely inept attempts to kill Barry. Wonder! just how Bumblemore got to be headmaster. Sigh! when you realise that it isn't a Harry Potter book afterall.