Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1:Good morning. Can I help you somehow?
2:Hello. I'm looking for some nice shoes size
1:I think those would be the best choice for you.
2:Oh no, it's not in my type, I would like some more elegant.
1:Then the most suitable will be this one.
2:That's much better, those are really beatiful. How much it cost?
1:It's 45$. Is that ok for you?
2:Yes, I'll take them. Can you pack them for me?
1:Of course. That will be 45$.
2:Here you are.
1:Thank you and good bye.
2:Thank you, bye.

To jest dialog jak rozmawiają w sklepie obuwniczym:D
licze na naaj:)
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Mark: Have you ever benn to Holland, Julia?
Julia: No, I haven't
Mark: Well, it's great country. You should go.
Julia: Yes, I will go one day.
Mark: So what's your favourite country?
Julia: Germany, I think. I love it.
Mark: I;ve never been there. What's like?
Julia: The mountains are beautiful, and the people are great. I've been three times. Bur I must tell you about our school trip there last winter. I never want to go on another holiday with Monica!
Mark:Oh! Why not
Julia: She is so crazy!
Jonathan: Hi, Marta!
Marta: Hi, Jonathan. You'll never guess what happened to me
Jonathan: What is it? You look a little upset.
Marta: Oh dear. I had quite a shock this morning.
Jonathan: Really? Why?
Marta: I was at the zoo when I heard people shouting and screaming.
Jonathan: What on earth was it?
Marta: Everyone was around the fountain and they all looked really scared.
Jonathan: Oh my goodness! What was going on? Did someone fall in the water?
Marta: Not someone, but somethink. There was a long orange snake with black stripes swimming around in it.