Opisz osobę którą podziwiasz (oprócz przyjaciela)
1.wstęp - dlaczego ją podziwiasz.
2. wygląd zewnętrzny tej osoby.
4.zainteresowania/ hobby
5. podsumowanie

Z góry dziękuję, poniewaz nie jestem za dobra z tego przedmiotu.

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Ta odpowiedź została oznaczona jako zweryfikowana

Zweryfikowane odpowiedzi zostały sprawdzone przez ekspertów, dlatego mamy pewność, że są prawidłowe i bezbłędne. Od dawna na zadane.pl znajdziesz tysiące poprawnych odpowiedzi, które zostały sprawdzone przez moderatorów (najbardziej zaufanych członków naszej społeczności).

✎ I would like to introduce to you my girlfriend, Catherine. We have known each other since we were at nursery school. She's always been of great support to me. Whenever I needed help at school or at university, she's always been out there to give me a hand. When I was affected by an unpleasant situation, she would always provide me with an indispensable piece of advice.

As far as her physical appearance is concerned, I believe Catherine is one of the most gorgeous-looking girls I've ever become acquainted with. Although she's in her early thirties, she looks as if she was in her mid-twenties. She's of average height. She's always been a very slim person, and everyone kept encouraging her to gain some weight. Her long jet black hair and beautiful sparkling eyes make me feel as if I was the happiest person in the world. Every time she accompanies me at my workplace, my colleagues can't take their eyes off her.  

My girlfriend is said to be the most level-headed lass that I've known. Although people perceive me as an even-tempered person, I sometimes can't help swearing. I've never noticed it concerns her, though. She always thinks of all the possible solutions to a problem, and is able to tackle them in an excellent way. Except for being sensitive, she's also compassionate. She never refuses to help strangers.  


Luckily, we share the same interests. She is an outgoing person and likes getting to know open-minded people. She's also fond of learning foreign languages. She speaks English, German, and Italian. She wishes she spoke Japanese. If she could, she would talk to her friends for hours. She's really into shopping. It is often the case she can't resist buying a stylish dress.

All things considered, there is an exceptional bond between us. We understand each other without words. In fact, we have never had an argument. 



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