Potrzebuje opisu jakiegos miejsca wedlug takich punktów;
1. Introduce the place
2. give a general description of the place
3.focus on one room/ one special feature in more detail
4.give a final / personal comment on the place
Praca na jakies 100-150 słów.Z gory bardzo dziekuje :)



  • Użytkownik Zadane
My city is a place with which he will describe Warsaw. Capital city of Poland. My home town, in which I like to spend time. There are many interesting places in it; cinemas, theatres, disci. It is possible here to meet with friends. A cinema is my stomping ground, and exactly cinema Cinema City in Arcadia. I adore to watch films there. It is there comfortably and it is possible to relax. I think that it is the best space for forgetting about problems. Warsaw is my place come to love. He never wants from here to diverge.

Jeżeli Warszawa to niejest twoje miasto lub tu nie mieszkasz wpisz po poprostu swoje miasto i ulubione kino.