Poznań is a big city. This city is in the south of Poland. Over 557 thousand people live here.
As nominativus appears in 1236 as Posnania.
Quite intresting places are Poznań's Opera, the Castle and Stary Browar(shopping centre).
There are many entertaintments such as cinemas. Compared to Warsaw there is no tv station like TVN in Warsaw.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Katowice is city in silesian voivodeship, in south of Poland.
300 000 people live in Katowice.
Katowice was started in 1546.
If you be in Katowice, you must go to 'Bukowa1' - it is stadium of GKS Katowice.
Kraków is biggest city in Upper Silesia, but Katowice is smaller than Warsaw