Hi Patrick!
I was on bike-trip four days ago. It was great. I met new people. We had lot of fun. First we took a map and drew our way to beautiful town. We went to the Kazimierz Dolny. We forgot about our stuff because we were very excited so we must got back. This time we checked everything very carefully. When we was ready we started our trip. I was very happy when we were rode on bike in this amazing area. We had small problem. On our way there was an accident. There was police and we can’t go this way. We had great idea(we fought that at the time). We wanted moved around this accident. In result we’re lost and we must rang to our parents. That was the end our adventure and beginning our penalty. I wrote this letter because I can’t use my computer.
Your friend ……..ßtu napisz swoje imie

Ann Way,
At the outset of my letter, I would like to greet you and tell you about yesterday's date. So yesterday I was with Martha on the cycling trip and it was cool. We went together to the park, where it was beautiful. Never before have there, I was not. There were beautiful red squirrels, golden tail and a beautiful pond with swans. Then sat down on a bench and odpoczywałyśmy, admiring nature. When odpoczęłyśmy we went further. During the ride she stumbled and fell into the water. Everyone look at me. With sorrow and laughter returned to the house, then everything I told my mother. How about you going? Please please reply.