Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was in this year's holiday at the seaside with my parents. It was cool! For the first week we stayed in Gdansk, just 100m from the beach!
Surfing the waves, dive. Met colleague, Ola from Krakow was very nice and funny after the first week we went to Sopot on the road visiting Gdynia. In Sopot went on the pier. We stayed in a hotel on the top floor so I had a view of the entire city. It was the best vacation of my life!
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This year holiday I spent on our Baltic sea. This was the first time I went somewhere without my parents and just with some of my friends.
I came to Gdansk at 9 pm. I so tired that I just went to sleep. Next day I woke up at about 10 am. The sun was shining and there was very hot. I went down and eat a breakfast: I and my friend had a cornflakes with cold milk. After that we went out and started sight-seeing. First we went to see our beautiful polish seaside. We were walking on a beach and collecting ambers and shelves. Then we went to the city to buy some clothes and souvenirs. I bought a t-shirt with dolphin and my friend bought a funny pink glasses. We also saw Żuraw - a huge building which looks like a bird. Durning our trip I met a lot of funny people from other countries for example a French who helped us finding our hotel.
I remember when we spent a very hot day at the seaside. We were lying and sunbathing. We played also volleyball with girls from China and we swam in a cold sea. We heard the voice of sea gulls and we have seen the sinking ship.
I'm sure I will never forget this holidays. I'd like to spent my next holidays in Italy at the seaside.

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This year on holidays I was at the Baltic Sea. It was wonderfully. I walked on the warm beach, I cleared away white pasta shellses and auriferous amber. I also swam in the sea where water was very cold. It was in a word great. :)
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