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When I comb his hair, doing makeup and dress, my husband prepares
breakfast. We eat together with our daughter. About 7:30 I leave the house and I am going (his
car) to work. Sometimes Zawóz daughter to kindergarten, but most often is
it is the duty of my husband. The work from 8:00 am until 16:00. Returning home
market and answered her daughter from kindergarten. After returning home, I make dinner and
sprzątam apartment. In the afternoon, usually with his family watching
television, we go for walks or just talking. Often visit
znajomi.Razem we drink our coffee, beer and gossip. Around 21:00, after dinner
my daughter goes to sleep, and my husband watching TV or surfing the Internet. About
23:00 I take a bath, adjustable alarm clock and I go to bed.
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I get up at 6.00 am, and I eat wash up. Then I get dressed and eat breakfast. I go to school by bus. I start lesson at 8 o' clock a.m. I learn. As soon as I finish lesson I go home, and I eat dinner. Then I do my homework. Later I use the internet, watch TV, or talk with my friends on GG or on my mobile phone. I eat supper at 7 o' clok p.m. and go sleep about 11 o' clock p.m.
Pozdrawiam ;)
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Hi. My name's Jeremy. I'm 13 years old. I usually get up at 7 o'clock. Well... My mum wakes me up! I brush my teeth, get dressed. Well... almost... I often can't find my clothes! They are under the desk sometimes or under my bed. It's terrible! My mum often says : "Hurry up, Jeremy! You will be late!". Before I go out I kiss her on the cheek and she says: "Have a nice day. Don't forget to eat your breakfast".
At school my lessons strat at 8 o'clock! We usually have five or six lessons a day!I come back home around one or two p.m. My mum waits for me for dinner. I usually have some soup, meat or fish, but they are not my favourite. After lunch I usually play computer games or go outside to play with my friends. My mum calls me to come back home. I do my homework very quickly and then have some time to do what I like. At eight o' clock I have a bath or a shower. I brush my teeth, wash my hands, face and everything. Then my parents start repeating: "It's time to go to bed!" So I go to bed- at nine. Sometimes I reas my comics befor I fall asleep.

Uwaga to mój własny tekst także możecie go do nauki wykorzystać, ale nie umieszczać na innych stronach !!!! Dostałam za niego 6 ;]
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