Hey ;))
I would like to recommend you sure person.
My on name Ania. My 15 years. It learns at present and it attends on linguistic course. It after school does lessons. In weekend it looks after child. It is very nice person. It is not vulgar. It is willing to help. It is friendly. It will help every. It be interests with music and sport. Willingly game in retina and hand ball. It likes dancing and walking on disco. It likes walking to cinema with friends. It likes animals very. My rabbits and hamster. It in future wants to become policewoman. It dreams about car. There is with no my sentence negative features. Orginalna is. I do not know such person as she. It is very nice. You have her to get to know, as you want I will pass you her numbers.
I greet ;)
I have known my aunt Monika since I was born. When I hear a word “Monika” I see in my mind smiling funny girl, who is talking about something strange or just stupid. She is sixteen years old. My aunt goes to the sevent secondary school in Szczecin. Monika is very pretty. She is tall and has an oval face, deep blue eyes, small upturned nose full lips und many freckles. Her hair is brown, straight and shoulder lenght. My aunt wears fasionable clothes and is trendy.Monika is a very open and honest person. She will tell you exactly, what you don’t want to hear. My aunt likes meet the people, so she has lot of friends. Sometimes Monika can be agressive and shout on me, but I used to tolerate that. She is spontaneous, so it is not strange if my aunt do sth without any plans. She loves dancing. My aunt has not more hobbies. In my opinion Monika is yery interesting person and I want to continue our frindship.