The most extraordinary person I’ve ever known is my neighbour – Jane. She has
been living near my house since I was a child. My parents are in good
relationship with her so I meet her very often.

Jane is very pretty, but extremely tall and skinny. Although she is in her
late forties she looks like an adolescent. She has a square face with lots of
scars. Her eyes are big, round and bright blue. Those are the prettiest eyes
I’ve ever seen in my life. She doesn’t do a make-up , although her face is
full of imperfection. That’s because she accepts herself. Her lips are 73
always pulled into a grim determined line. Jane’s hair is brown straight and
shoulder-length. She always wears it in a pony tail. Jane wears old fashioned
brown sandals and plain overcoat.

She is quite reserved but after a short conversation she becomes amusing and
talkative person. Jane is really honest , so she tells you exactly what you
don’t want to hear. However, that’s a quality I love in her the most. Jane is
very helpful too. She can find a solution for almost every problem.

Jane’s hobby is military. She loves watching movies about wars and she spends
all her free time on this activity.

All in all, I have a big luck that I met Alice. She has a huge influence on
my life and the way I see the world around me.

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