Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In weekend I was in mountains.
I approached with train there.
I went with familiar there.
I stopped at family in little house.
I spended time very pleasantly.
I wandered after mountains, I ski and I walked after souvenir.
Last weekend I arrived to you by coach. It was very tiring. I drived to you 2 hours, and when I was hungry I stay in small restaurant. There I met wonderful people. They were very nice. We talked about school . I and they were students. We finished our talk at 4 o'clock and I caught train half past four. I arrived to you at six o clock.
Last week I was in Zakopane , it a moutains city.I came ther by bus - travel was very good , i sow a lot of beatifull view.I staied in house of regional familly.I was ther only 2 days , but I see a lot off beatifull things , for a examplle sea eye - it's the most beatifull place what I was seeing in my life.
All the time I was walking on the montains , but in the night I came to the kropowki *it''s a center of Zakopany and I bought a cloths and ate a regional eat.This week was the best in my life.
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