It was the most peculiar dream I have ever had. One day I went for a walk with my friend, Carolina. We were walking, talking, laughing. Then I saw Carolina to her home and I came back to mine. I had just entered the door when the phone rang. It was Carolina's mother. She talked quickly and chaotically. She seemed to be really terrified. She asked me where Carolina was. I was totally shocked. I explained her that I saw her to her home. She was not there. I bolted out and I started looking for her. I run to the place where we saw each other last time but there was nobody. I started running and shouting for her but nothing happened. It was a very dark night. The wind was blowing and the rain was raining. I could not see anything. Suddenly I heard something. It was Carolina. She was sitting near the tree crying. She was so happy when she noticed that I was there. She hugged me close but unfortunately I woke up and I do not know what happened in my dream the
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One day, when she slept, I dreamed a sweet dream. Namely ...
I dreamed that I was in a beautiful land in which we all slept only I did not. It turned out that I am a princess, who alone had the gift of waking up just one person. I was dressed in a beautiful blue dress. I had a hard choice. I decided that awaken the beautiful prince. When he kissed the burst and then spell the prince of dreams, and he kissed me the whole land was saved and I did not know what happened next because I woke up my mom. When I woke up and dressed I saw that I dress in the closet that I was in a dream.
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