1. I like shopping in supermarkets so much, because I can buy a lot of things, which cost less than in a small shop, which are near me :). In supermarkets there is a nice atmosphere and I can spend a nice time.

2. The best things in supermarket is self-service and of course less prices. And the worst thing about supermarkets are very long queue.

3. I don't know, because I must know on which protest are you talking about.
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1. Yes, I like shopping in supermarkets, becouse I can find there everything I want.
2. Good about supermarkets is this there are a lot of producs on shelfs and often they propose sales, so I can make a profit through doing shoppng.
Bad about shopping is that although there are many producs they sometimes are poor quality, they might fast break down.
3. Yes, I agree with the protestanters, becouse if they want to have more money they ought to protest and fight to have good conditions in job.
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