Dear Mom and Dad
I'm in Swinoujscie (np). It's such a lovely place. The weather just spoils me. Every day in the morning I lay on beautiful yellow sandy beach and I take some tan (lub I suntan). In the evenings I usually use some of the (tourist)attractions which are available hear nearby. I've already seen a couple of local monuments and I am planning to see more of them.

Hugs and Kisses.


Cordial greetings from the seaside, with his family I have a beautiful guest house overlooking the sea, the sun is shining and it is very FAIN! pozdrawiam ONCE MORE!

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Hi xxx(adresat) !
Thanks for your last email. Now I'm in Germany. Tomorrow I'm coming back to Poland , but I wanted to send you some photos too. I'm having a trip around the country. I saw the biggest German cities. It was Berlin Hamburg , Munchen , and Colonge. The most impressive was Berlin , the capital of Germany. There are a lot of monuments and also big skycrapers too. The weather is really nice , but when we staret our trip there was little rain and it was cold . Now I feeeeeel so reaxed and impressed. I'm here with my mum and sister . I'm really enjoying this trip

Lots of love