Ann Way,

At the outset of my letter I wish you a greet and tell about my wonderful day.
Namely ...
I would like to tell you about my wonderful trip to Krakow.
So we went along with the class and it was really good. We ate a delicious chocolate ice cream, watching the beautiful and ancient monuments, and we saw how great and terrible wawel dragon gaped real fire. At first I was very scared but then it was cool. It is a pity that you were not there.
Maybe now you tell me something about your trip? We are happy to read. Because I was never in England.
Once again very warmly greet you and I send kisses. Greet family. I hope that in future vacation to see.

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Peter,
Thanks for your last letter, it was very intresting. Now I want to say something about my last experience. I was in Cracow. It's a big city in Poland. I was there about four day, and it was very, very interesting. We came there on Sunday at 12 o' clock a.m. We were tired after the travel so we went to the hotel, and there we were eating a dinner. After that we went to the church. It called Mariacki. It was Sunday, so we were there an hour, and we were listening about its legend. Then we went to Wawel. We also were listening about its legend. We were a little tired (and bored) so we came back to the hotel. Next day we went to the Aqua Park. It's the biggest water park in Poland. It was great! We have a lot fun. After that we went to the cinema, becouse in my town there is not cinema, so I really wanted to ge there.
3rd day, we went to the Galerry Cracow to shopping. Girls have a lot of fun, becouse they like shopping, but boys were little bored. The gallery was so big, and there was a lot of shops. Last day we came back to home. I really want to go there again, becouse this city is beautifull.
See you again- Tommy