The generation gap is above all different sentences to different topics and the intolerance of differing opinions of people of different ages. In this presentation I will try to answer on this question: is it possible to avoid such conflict? I think that he will fail for us to do it fully, but certainly it will be possible very much to temper him. I will back my stating up at the following work. For first, adult people have an completely different outlooks on life than młodzieć whether children. Adult people are looking at some matters too realistically however children and young people aren't afraid of new challenges, risks. They are fixing the own purpose for themselves and they believe that they will manage to reach it. Perfectly depicts it "Mały Książe". In it it is written, that adults are simply afraid to dream, they are afraid of their imagination, they perform the work which completely don't satisfy them, however are giving the financial profit. Young people which aren't afraid to believe that they will manage to make their dreams come true are an opposite.

distance between adult, but younger people is also an example. We aren't able to communicate, sluchamy of different types of the music, we are watching other films, we are reading different books. And next, when we are breaking these barriers between ourselves, many young people are losing the respect and the respect for adult people. Still this vicious circle is taking place.
Here is presenting the serious problem fragment too in "Buszujący w zbożu". This book is showing that the father of the main character cares only about results in the theory of the son. He doesn't care about his outlooks on life, to the lack tolernace whether injustice. In this case that hero feels the dislike for the father and between them the visible generation gap is coming into existence. That is of arguments in the light quoted to the thesis "is it possible to avoid the generation gap?" I must with distress answer in the negative, but all at the same time I would like to add that it is possible to reduce this conflict by accepting tastes, tolerating views, but first of all through conversations, because at least it thing seemingly not very essential, she is playing it huge role in our life.