Only child is so Jewish-American princess.
It don`t know what`s that mean parsimony.
It is 1 self-seeking.
It always have argument.
it is honest.
it can much things
it think is queen.
it don`t have a many frends.
it is a mummy's boy.
it is nasty.

it has what want.
it have a much money.
it is a on one's own.
it is not shine.
it can have a pet.

napisz po polsku to odp bo nie mam pomysłów;d

3 1 3
when your parents arent at home you cant talk with nobody
you can't borrow clothes from sister
you haven't help with homework from older sibling
you can't go with your sister/brother to cinema/for shopping
sometimes you could feel alone
you haven't anybody for play a computer game with
you have own room
parents spends for you lots of money
nothing isn't divide for sibling (sweets, money, computer)
parents doesn't compare your school results with other children

tyle, co udało mi się wymyślić :)