A class of students from the UK is coming to your school on an exchange programme. The form tutor, Mrs Cowan, wrote with some questions. Reply to her letter on behalf of the school organising committee.Answer the following questions:
-what towns and country regions are the students going to visit?
-do students need visas to enter your country?
-is it a good idea to bring an ISIC
-can they contacty you if they need any further information?

Musze napisac taki list tylko prosze o szybka odpowiedz poniewaz jest mi to potzrebne na 6 rano;/ z gory wielkie dzieki



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Dear Mrs Cowan,
I am writing in connection with your letter with questions about students exchange and I am writing in behalf of organising committee.
You asked me about towns and country regions which the students are going to visit. Firstly we are going to visit the capital city of Poland – Warsaw and few days later we will go to Cracow – beautiful city on the south of country.
Students do not have to posses visas. Only passports are recommended. But if they want, they can take with them their ISIC, because this identity card entitle to free enter to Auschwitz Museum near Cracow. If the students do not have ISIC they will have to buy a tickets (cost about 20 zlotys).
I hope I helped you and if you want you can write me when you need further information.
I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Yours sincerly,

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