Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Sister,
Excuse that so long did not write, but I did not have too much time. I had a lot of science and that of a training. I have just returned from a trip class Zakopane Zakopane and would like to tell you how it was.
Early in the morning we left. We rode the bus trip lasted long, too long. We stopped every 2 h so we were very tired of traveling. After 9 h journey we arrived in Krakow. There we visited the Wawel Castle and in the evening we were at the Aquapark. It was cool. Only about 23 reached the buried. The next day morning we went into the mountains. The weather was not spurned. It was raining it was cold. We were on Gubałówce and kropuwkach. The next day, immediately after breakfast went to the mountains this time Koscieliska Valley. The weather was great, warm sun shone. We were in the cave where he climbed on the chains. It was great. On the last day from 6 to pack and clean room. At 8 we went to Inowrocław. Along the way we visited Wadowice and Czestochowa. Trip was great, but I liked the most in the Valley Koscieliscie were super views and above all the caves. We cordially greet greeting parents.
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Dear Sarah,

I've already came back from my two weeks holiday. I spent them in Spain. I am very exhausted of the journey. It was 5 hours flight. My neighbour on the next seat was talking to me all the time! I didn't really want to talk, I wanted to sleep.
I stayed in a nice hotel, with a pool and restaurant in capital of Spain. Almost all time I was walking on the streets of Madrit, looking at these beautiful, colorful buildings around, trying Spanish dishes and looking for some souvenirs for my family and friends. I also have met a very nice people, like Pedro, Miranda, don Francisco, Marcia. We spent a lot of time together on talking, we also went to Barcelona together. I had a really great time!
How are your holidays?


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